Metallurgical Engineering Services (MES) provides helium leak detection services.  Helium leak testing is used to find small leaks in components for a variety of industry

In-laboratory helium leak testing is used for the detection of very small leaks in any component attached to the mass spectrometer. A differential pressure is generated and the helium leak rate is reported as a quantitative (amount of leak rate) measurement.

Helium leak testing can also be used to identify the location of very small leaks in the field. Sniff testing or spray testing is used to locate a leak within a pipework section or critical component. Welds and joints are typically a point of focus to ensure the system is leak free.

MES provides rapid inspection results at an affordable price. As an A2LA ISO 17025 accredited service provider, quality is our focus.



  • Portable with integrated pump

  • Non-destructive & non-invasive

  • Analysis of welds and flange joints

  • Nonhazardous to operations, equipment, or personnel


  • Ability to attach to vacuum tested components


  • ASTM E499

  • ASTM E498

  • ASTM F2391